i2C’s Branded Environments team wins two silver titles at the Transform Awards


We are incredibly proud to announce that The Italian Fresh Mercato brand and signage experience designed by i2C has scored silver in two categories at the Transform – Magazine Awards ANZ.

As a newly launched offering from i2C, placing second in both the ‘Best Brand Experience’ and ‘Best Wayfinding or Signage’ is an amazing outcome and one we are truly honoured to receive.

Image: Ryan Linnegar

Working with F&L Violi on this fantastic project, our Branded Environments and Interior Design team took a collaborative, place-based approach, selecting colour palettes and design features that honoured the historic, cobblestoned streets and vine covered shops of Italy, and paired them with references to modern regional Australia, such as the iconic orange tree, something the Griffith region is known for. The brand identity and signage experience were developed in conjunction with the interior to embody the idea of “A taste of home” and the passion and musicality of Italian cooking.

Language and photography play an important role in The Italian Fresh Mercato’s branding and connect with the community through place-based thinking and research. The use of both the Italian and English language in the design of the 10 major bulkhead signage elements allows for a direct representation of the local community and the coming together of cultures. This combining of language also provides opportunities for learning and the joyful experience of shared culture and connection, much like the passing down of food knowledge.

Image: Ryan Linnegar
Image: Ryan Linnegar

The logo itself is constructed through script-style handwritten typography, reminiscent of the passion, flow and musicality of the Italian language, anchored with the more stamp-like quality of the secondary san serif typographic element.

The graphics used throughout the Mercato tell stories of produce and a passion for food and wine while drawing on similarities between the wine and produce regions of Tuscany and Griffith.

Read more about the branding and wayfinding experience for The Italian Fresh Mercato.

Image: Ryan Linnegar

Brand Identity and Signage Design: i2C Architects

Interior Concept and Design: i2C Architects

Builder: Unita

Signage Fabricators: Dobija print and sign shop

Photography: Ryan Linnegar

Location: Wiradjuri Country

i2C Architects

i2C Architects