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    As the precinct was not a conventional food court and only had a few dedicated food kiosks, the experience has become more about refuge and interaction between people.

    Dharug Country | Blacktown, NSW










    Construction Control


    Ryan Linneger

    IMAGE BANNER BLOCK A _Westpoint_Food

    The existing space had a lot of design potential as it was situated within a four-storey atrium filled with natural light

    MEDIA Block LANDSCAPE B copy 2 _Westpoint_Food

    The vision for the precinct was to create a Mediterranean inspired piazza with white brick architecture, timber accents and silvery-green foliage throughout. The design was intended to be versatile for all users incorporating communal tables for larger groups, individual seating with USB access for people wanting to relax and recharge on their own, comfort for older patrons and a kid’s play area with lounge seating for parents.

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    MEDIA Block SQUARE D _Westpoint_Food
    MEDIA Block SQUARE C_Westpoint_Food

    Curved forms including the brickwork and tiled seating elements were a fundamental feature throughout the design. Collaboration with the client, builder, furniture maker, bricklayer and structural engineer was critical to detail exactly how these elements would be constructed to create smooth contours with materials not conventionally designed to be curved.

    The concept was greatly informed by the diverse demography of the suburb, with subtle references to various cultural communities like the crafted woven furniture iconic of the Philippines, the harmonious circular forms symbolic to China, the rich textural tapestries of India and the overall classic arched forms reminiscent of historical architecture present in many of these cultures. This connection to People and Place was fundamental to the design.

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    3UP MEDIA BLOCK C_Westpoint_Food.1

    Alive with activity, the precinct opening was visibly reinvigorated with people genuinely excited to be in and use the space

    3UP MEDIA BLOCK F _Westpoint_Food
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