Ryder Alliance Forum update 2021


In April the Alliance committee conducted our 4th Annual Alliance Forum however, the second consecutive virtual forum due to the global pandemic.

This forum was a recap of the year’s goals and achievements, with many being very positive despite the ongoing pandemic restrictions.

In attendance was a representative of each Alliance Partner to provide an overview of how each organisation has dealt with and managed the past 12 months.

The main positive thread was that due to the involvement and connections within the Alliance, was that some struggling partners were assisted and supported by the others to enable them to keep a majority of their teams together.

This echo’s the heart of the Alliance mantra, and also even opened opportunities to various partners to work on or be involved in projects that were not their core strength. Also having a local country or city contact alliance partner for site works that they would not have been able to travel to or attend.

Research has been a key focus for the Alliance team, and further refinement to the alliance approach shall be developed over the next few months.

However, the key collaborative research piece that was completed was the Retail landscape piece that Dino presented to the “All in Alliance” chat. This took 12 months to undertake with a collective working group between i2C, Ruben Reddy and Concept-i.

A wonderful research piece that now sets the standard for the alliance research collaboration.

With many of the alliance partners in a similar position of growth to us, we now see the collective team number over 550 people globally from UK, Thailand, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Canada, China, Korea, Japan, Spain, South Africa, and Australia.

Monthly Alliance meetings have allowed the Alliance team to connect and understand how each partner are coping and dealing with the various situations they face, and also support each other through the harder times.

The goals and expectation for 2021-2022 are not as ambitious as previous years and more focused on support, collaboration and research.


Scott Palmer

Scott Palmer

Partner | National General Manager