Team Announcements

This month we congratulate Maggie Steele on an amazing 15 years with i2C and Nardia Saunders who welcomed her first baby, Arlo. 

Maggie Steele Celebrating 15 years at i2C!

Maggie-Steele-colourCorrected-227pxMaggie Steele still remembers exactly when she started at i2C in October 2000. “When I came in for an interview with Anthony Merlin and Brian Jende, I instantly felt welcomed and part of the team. Growing with a Company is one of the greatest experiences you can have as a young employee.”

i2C has developed from a handful of employees to a team of over 50 since Maggie started. “The journey is not over yet – I look forward to our next 15 years!” Maggie laughed. “I feel I have accomplished a lot during this time both professionally as well as personally.”

Maggie worked at i2C whilst completing her studies in Architecture which was “a huge benefit; I could use the equipment for studying, obtain constructive crits from my peers and work as long or as little as I needed to” she remembers.


After a marriage and two kids, Maggie completed the registration process to become an Architect with the AIA. “It’s never too late to do what you want to do”, Maggie says proudly. “… i2C has provided me with all the flexibility and tools I needed to pursue my goals.” There were personal up and downs in Maggie’s life which she mastered with i2C’s support. “Everyone at work is like my family.”

An Associate since 2011, Maggie is passionate about excellence in design and documentation and enjoys the team approach to exceed the client’s expectations. “Our culture at i2C is a lot about the team and fun where I fit right in!”. Read Maggie’s profile here.

Baby Boy for Nardia

_KEW8226Nardia Saunders, Senior Project Designer and her partner Josh welcomed their firstborn baby boy Arlo into the world this month weighing in at 6lbs and 11ounces.



The last year has been an exciting one for Nardia who joined i2C back in 2004. She headed off overseas with Josh on a travelling adventure and returned to resettle back home for the impending birth.

baby arlo

 Baby Arlo