Award Winning Westpoint Amenities


We are incredibly proud of our Interiors Team for their recent award wins for their design of the amenities at QIC’s Westpoint Shopping Centre, NSW.


The judges were impressed by the customer focus, accessibility and timeless design. Further commenting that the design centres around inclusivity as a top priority, whilst at the same time incorporating clever design features to a create comfortable and stylish environment.

Photo: Esteban La Tessa
Photo: Esteban La Tessa

“Amenities are often treated as spaces of necessity. Challenging that way of thinking, QIC committed to providing their customers with something more,” says Mags Uscinowicz, National Interior Design Manager, the architectural and interiors firm who were charged with the design for QIC’s Westpoint Shopping Centre. “As a result, the design team were able to push design boundaries and set benchmarks in the industry by proving the human experience can be enhanced in any space.

Photo: Esteban La Tessa
Photo: Esteban La Tessa

One of the biggest achievements were the two Changing Places facilities that were carefully designed to ensure every person of every ability could use and enjoy these amenities. Both facilities are now registered on the Changing Places map and set a benchmark for future projects building Accessible Adult Changing Facilities as part of the new BCA requirement added shortly after the project’s completion.”

Photo: Esteban La Tessa


The Corian Awards recognise local Australian designers for their creative use of Corian® in their field of expertise.

Westpoint Amenities push design boundaries with everything from form to function. Traditional ‘rooms’ were reimagined into cocoon-like structures that interacted with the surrounding design; walls were replaced with abstract tree trunks and hanging canopies to create divisions in space; custom light fittings mimicked bees and clouds in the sky – everything had to be bespoke.

Photo: Esteban La Tessa

The functional elements within the design became features in themselves. Beyond the aesthetics, the space had to be exceptional in performance, convenience and accessibility to ensure a fully inclusive design was achieved.

The parent’s rooms became a place of refuge; an inviting and comfortable environment for both parent and child to relax and re-energise. As there were no precedents for the design, every detail had to be carefully considered and workshopped to ensure the outcome looked exactly as it was designed.

Photo: Esteban La Tessa

Corian® was used throughout large expanses in the design, special detailing was required to provide additional support for the solid surface to be able to have a seamless look. The bespoke design was made possible through the versatility of Corian®. The adaptability of the solid surface removed the need for additional fixtures and enabled a seamless design in all aspects of the project, from the custom wash planes and hand dryer niches to the moulded change benches.

Photo: Esteban La Tessa

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Project name: Westpoint Shopping Centre Amenities – Stage 2

Client: QIC

Builder: Construction Control

Location: Blacktown, NSW

Photography: Esteban La Tessa