Accenture Australia Innovation Box


This portable self-contained ‘office and innovation box’ was based on a 20-foot container that can be deployed at short notice to any remote location, where infrastructure and buildings are scarce.

The aim of our design was to create a space that helped Accenture provide a hands-on experience for their clients whether that was at Accenture’s offices or on the client’s site.

Innovation Box Concept
Innovation Box Concept

The Innovation Box has been an iterative build. The prototype was to build a flexible, agile office space with the most recent building, being a ready-to-go office for remote locations that could be transported to the client site by rail or road with no lead-time.

The space limitation of designing space in a shipping container meant that each inch of space needed to be methodically designed and planned to provide the maximum utility. The requirement for the container to be transportable meant that all transportation equipment, such as levelling jacks and cones needed to be incorporated in the design without decreasing the internal usable space.

The iterative nature of the build of the innovation box allowed us to refine the design and approach with Accenture. The original prototype was created as a ‘kit of parts’ to fit out a traditional office building in a minimum time. Our innovative and modular design allowed us to work with Accenture to develop a portable and flexible solution that could be transported to client sites and that could provide the facilities of traditional fixed office space.

Being a flexible and relocatable facility, air-conditioning and transportation equipment needed to be incorporated in the final design. We worked with our builder and engineer during the design process to come up with an innovative solution that met the brief and was buildable.

High safety requirements, such as automatic stoppers and larger cabling for the mechanical door were included in the design. Testing scenarios were carried out throughout design and construction to identify, evaluate and resolve any safety issues.

From concept to completion, this was an amazing project to be a part of. The Innovation Box is a new playground for innovative, out-of-the-box thinking and collaborative approaches that Accenture can take directly to clients.

Thanks to Accenture Australia for bringing us on board for this exciting project and to the team at Impact Building for making our vision come to life.

Client: Accenture Australia

Builders: Impact Builders

Emma Schagen

Emma Schagen

Senior Interior Designer