Claire Bowles becomes a qualified Regenerative Practitioner


Claire Bowles has recently completed the regenerative practitioner course delivered by Regenesis. This holistic approach requires early stakeholder engagement to establish a shared common purpose.

To regenerate a place requires an understanding of what makes it unique, working with nature and enabling reciprocal relationships that bring positive approaches and inspiring new ways of building for life.

Regenesis started this work in the US and now the momentum is building here in Australia to use the regenerative design and development approach to bring life back to places, building capability, healing people and their places simultaneously.

“ I can say it has been the best experience in my career so far. It has shifted my practice and work in sustainability to understand that we need to embrace the complexity of nature, think as nature does and design developments unique to their living place focusing on the potential that our work can deliver. A complete shift in thinking from our problem-solving approach to sustainability that runs so deep within our sector.“

To read more about Regenesis’s work have a look at their website here

Claire Bowles

Claire Bowles

Purpose Director