Core Values Refresh


From creating 7 Points of Culture that helped us create meaning behind working at i2C we have renamed and refreshed our ‘Points of Culture’ to ‘Core Values’

At i2C, we pride ourselves on being a tight knit group with a great mix of personalities and abilities. In 2014, our entire team identified 7 specific values that they believed set us apart from other design firms at a team building event. The 7 Points of Culture helped create meaning behind working at i2C and gave each of us the opportunity to understand which aspects of our culture we valued the most.

Fast forward to 2018, it became evident that we needed to revisit our Points of Culture and reconnect with them as i2C has grown and progressed over the years.

The first point to be addressed was a renaming from ‘Points of Culture’ to ‘Core Values’.

Our Graphic Designer Dan Coman led workshops across all offices, encouraging the team to have focused discussion about what each value means to the group and how they see it graphically represented.

Each week for 7 weeks, all offices split into small focus groups and explored each Core Value and tried to put some ideas down as to what each one meant to each person both visually and in words. By the Team Building weekend Dan had developed some of the designs further and brought them back to the team to vote on their favourite graphic option. Keeping the whole team involved in all stages of the process was vital. With a growing group of Team members across the country, it was of upmost importance that we ensured everyone had the chance to voice their option – the more input we had, the more confident we were that these new representations would speak for all.

Below are the two options that the team had to choose between at our 2018 Team Building weekend. All designs are based on ideas and drawings that team members from all offices had submitted.

The team voted for the 7 designs below as the revised Core Values.

After we confirmed the visual representation, the wording and meaning behind each design was finalised, ensuring each Core Value had a very i2C meaning behind it.

The team have put forward some great ideas on how we can keep the Core Values front on mind and more prominent around the studios. A few initiatives have been rolled out with more to come to fruition over 2019.