i2C Sydney breaking F45 records.

Did you make a new years resolution to lose weight this year and get fit this year? In January this year, i2C Sydney team Craig, Dan, Brett, Anthony, Haigen and Justin took on the F45’s – 8 Week Challenge and came out the other side much lighter, leaner and stronger than when they started.

i2C Sydney Team

The 8 Week Challenge starts with each member of the team having a personalised full body composition scan done to determine details such as their target weight, percentage of body fat and recommended muscle gain.  The program combines the company’s signature 45-minute circuit workout classes with a detailed meal plan. The person with the best results from over the 8 weeks, wins the challenge.

The team were incredibly committed to the workouts from day one, often training at 6am and on weekends. They abandoned the cookie jar in favour of protein shakes and healthy salads and slowly transformed over the eight weeks.

Super slim Brett
Haigen and Craig cooling down
Justin committed to the post workout stretch
Haigen stretching after the class

The i2C Sydney Team results were incredibly impressive and as a group they took out the top positions for the Glebe Studio at the end of the challenge. Brett won the competition and broke the F45 Studio record by working his butt off for a 37% transformation. Anthony took out second place, Haigen came third and Dan rocked it in at fifth place.

i2C Sydney Team Results

We asked Brett, why F45 worked so well for him.

“It was a combination of everything. The classes were inspiring and addictive. In the last 4 weeks I only missed 1 day out of 32 days in a row. The F45 team and trainers made the classes fun and inclusive. They made sure we trained to the maximum best of our ability and kept us wanting to return by keeping it fun. I have been a regular gym goer over the years but I have not seen results like this. I am feeling healthier and fitter than I have in years and will definitely continue along the F45 path.” Brett Lindner