Introducing i2C’s Graduate Students

2017 saw the launch of i2C’s graduate program across Melbourne and Sydney. Working with universities such as; The University of Sydney, UTS, University of Melbourne and Monash University, the importance of providing this opportunity was made abundantly clear from the first presentation we gave at the University of Sydney in August of 2017.

Born by a desire to become involved in the initial progress of Australia’s future Architects, i2C are committed to taking one graduate per year into each of the Melbourne and Sydney offices, with the Perth program to follow in the coming years. Ideally, being a graduate of a Bachelor’s Degree, working towards Masters and beyond, being involved in the industry to supplement education ensures the selected graduates have the ability to make relevant the learnings from their courses.

Being the first year of the program, we were unsure how many graduates would apply and what timings would work best. We were really pleased with the results and met a number of candidates’ worthy of the positions. It was rewarding to meet some dedicated and passionate budding architects over the course of the interview process.

The successful candidates of the 2017 program are Josh Russo-Batterham from the University of Melbourne and Jake Boydell from the University of Sydney.

Joshua Russo-Batterham, a Master’s graduate that went on to teach at Melbourne University, was an early applicant of our Melbourne graduate program. While not being in last year’s graduating year, his experience has been in the technical and design focused classes at Melbourne University. With a keen interest in the use of robotics and the future potential of technology, Josh is delighted at the opportunity to take these passions into the working environment.

“The i2C graduate program has been a fantastic way to transition from a university environment to a professional role. I’ve had the opportunity to work in different teams and on a range of tasks across both documentation and design. At uni you see your tutors once a week, at i2C there’s always talented and experienced people around that are happy to help you out or teach you something new.” Josh

Jake Boydell, from the University of Sydney was the successful Sydney based graduate. After completing his first three years and wanting to gain some industry experience before resuming the next stage of his study. Jake was present at the initial presentation we gave for the Graduate Program at the Uni of Sydney and was then forefront during all subsequent stages. Seeing Jake’s development and engagement during his first few months is a fantastic sign of the times ahead for both Jake and i2C’s graduate program. With talented graduates like Jake coming on board, i2C’s future is looking very bright.

“Going into full-time work straight after university seemed daunting with the potential of being monotonous. However, I was fortunate enough to be selected by a practice that has been exceptionally welcoming and social as it is focused and functional. This balance has allowed me to look forward to going to i2C each day as it truly is a great place to work.” Jake.

i2C’s 2018 Graduate Program will be launching soon and, with applications expanding over to Perth for this year’s intake, we’re excited to see the talented individuals over the course of the year and help progress their careers beyond university life.

Thanks to all involved in the organisation and logistics of this program. Here’s hoping to a long and successful relationship between i2C and the universities of Australia.

Stephen Tull

People & Culture