Introducing Mags Uscinowicz – Project Designer Interiors

Mags Uscinowicz recently moved from Canada, joining the Interiors Team at i2C and calling Melbourne her new home. She discusses her passion for designing and her love of the Australian life that drove her to relocate and further her career.

Joining i2C was part of a huge change in my life. Only a few months ago, I left behind my family and friends, and my previous job as an Interior Design Coordinator in Canada and made the move across the world to Australia (literally the other side of the world). It was both a personal and professional decision. I had always been captivated by the culture of the people and the beautiful country itself (no snow!), but it was after my first visit to Australia in 2012 that I knew for sure this was where I needed to be.

Why did you pick Melbourne to settle?

During my time here, I especially fell in love with the city of Melbourne. The architecture and design fascinated me – the vibrant colours and dynamic forms, the innovative structures and artistic concepts. I knew it was the right place for me to continue my career as an interior designer and explore my creativity further, so I began the process of preparing myself for what would be the most nerve-racking and exciting change in my life.

Two years after making the initial decision, I quit my job, packed my bags (and yoga mat!) and got on a plane.

Tell us about your background in Canada and what challenges you faced in relocating?

As exciting as the prospect of living and working in a new environment would be, I was faced with several life questions. After working in the retail design industry in Toronto for 5 years, I had the opportunity to collaborate with a variety of clients on several substantial projects including redesigning offices, common areas and hangars of the Bombardier Aerospace facility, implementing the design for a retail wing within a major university in Toronto and developing flagship concepts for various stores with TJX Canada. I was involved with the design of numerous boutique retail shops and roll-out programs across Canada, coordinating a team of interior designers and overseeing the projects from concept to completion. I knew the job and the clients, I was familiar with the consultants and the suppliers, I felt comfortable in my role and the environment around me, but I would be giving all of that up for something unknown and foreign. In the end the advantages outweighed the uncertainties. I took this as an opportunity to explore something new and exciting.

What brought you to i2C?

I was determined to relate my experiences to a new position in Australia as soon as possible, so I began my search shortly after settling into the country. I was looking for a Firm that shared my passion for the industry. It was extremely important to me to work with people that appreciated creativity and were not afraid to push the boundaries of design; in short, people who wanted to inspire others through their work.

i2C stood out like a sore thumb (in the best way possible). Their approach to projects and company culture were exactly what I was looking for – a dynamic and somewhat whacky group of individuals whose creativity saw no limits. ‘Inspiration 2 Completion’ felt like somewhere I wanted to be and for some crazy reason they felt the same way about me.

The past month has been a wonderful experience. Everyone has been very welcoming and I already feel like part of the family. The projects are diverse and provide a new challenge in my career. I look forward to continuing my journey with i2C and working as a team to create innovative and compelling spaces that inspire others.

Mags Uscinowicz

Mags Uscinowicz, Project Designer – Interiors