Sylvia Park Construction Update


Sylvia Park will be one of the first true Build to Rent developments in Auckland, New Zealand and carries with it an exciting future for multi-residential dwellings.

Marcus Greening spoke with Sylvia’ Park’s onsite architect for an update on what has been happening.

Syliva Park under construction
Syliva Park construction. Photo Jono Parker

Sylvia Park has reached a construction milestone with the prefabricated balconies on and the final precast panels installed, topping out Building B.

Sylvia Park aerial view
Building A, B and C. Photo Jono Parker

Building A (left), B (middle) and C (right) are at full height, with the steelwork of the central pavilion visible beyond. The construction program will deliver building B first, then A, followed by building C.

In the foreground, the footbridge connecting the development with the Sylvia Park Shopping Centre is under construction.  

Sylvia Park aerial view
View from Lynton Road entry. Photo Jono Parker

The pavilion steelwork is being erected central to the podium. Sylvia Park Shopping Centre is visible behind the development.

Sylvia Park building C concrete pour
Building C. Photo Jono Parker

Building C’s roof slab is being poured.

Sylvia Park cuilding C slab team
Building C pour slab team. Photo Jono Parker

The Sylvia Park development employs 100s of sub-contractors on site at any one time. Including;

  • 2 concrete crews (50 for each building)
  • 2 waterproofing crews (10 for each building)
  • 3 carpentry teams (15 for each building)
  • 3 cladding installers (15 for each building)
  • 1 balustrade installer (7 for each building)
  • 1 architect.

i2C | Ryder is proud to be working on the design of this benchmark BTR project.

Client: Kiwi Property Group

Project Manager: Greenstone Group

Contractor: Naylor Love

Local architect: Ashton Mitchell

Photography: Jono Parker

i2C Architects

i2C Architects