Build to Rent for a New Generation of Modern Living


Build to Rent (BTR) focuses on the importance of a quality brand, delivery, long term management, creating places of character, place making and community and setting new standards in rental living and support.

Today’s rental market wants the flexibility of renting, the security of a well-managed and secure home, and the ability to enjoy life to the full in their chosen community. BTR can achieve all that, meeting the housing deficit head-on and providing the exceptional at-home lifestyle that today’s renters are looking for.

In light of the market demand for rental properties that meet high quality of living standards, predominantly amongst Millennials, i2C Architects and Ryder Architecture i2C| Ryder have looked to define the key characteristics of Build to Rent, focusing on the importance of developers focusing on brand identity and creating places.

Moda Angel Gardens BTR, Manchester, UK (Ryder Architecture)

Human-First Tenant Experience Drives Design

Tenant experience will be our primary focus with enhanced health and wellbeing through the design and delivery of amenity-rich, high quality, sustainable, purpose-built stock that offers a different lifestyle approach. Our human-first approach creates a new standard for community living, reflecting a 360 degree live, work and play lifestyle all in one space.

Creating and Supporting Brand Identity and Reputation

The importance of brand identity and reputation should not be underestimated in such a competitive market. Internal apartment layouts that accentuate the positives and comply with local authority spaces standards, getting the apartment mix right for location and market, and amenity-rich, flexible and personal spaces all contribute to a solid, preferred brand.

Lounges and co-working spaces, organised events and entertainment, games rooms, spas, libraries, gyms, fitness centres, roof terraces and tranquillity zones create an enriched living experience, where staying in is the new going out.

Making Memorable Spaces for Modern Community Living

Our designs focus on placemaking;  creating memorable buildings and spaces of character and context that add to the local community and reflect its character and unique ambience. By offering the right product in the right location, we promote a new kind of community living that is highly appealing to the market and connects with their values, aspirations and daily life. The projects are designed to create lasting communities through an amenity-rich offering, where tenants get to know their neighbours and owners maintain the spirit and functionality of your address.

i2C Architects is a leading architect firm with studios in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth with a dynamic approach to commercial projects. We’ve partnered with Ryder to bring the best of BTR developments to Victoria, based on a proven track record on international BTR residential projects. We are inspired by innovation, driven by the human experience, and focused on excellence, creating homes to aspire to.

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