Wildflower Early Learning Centre


Located 26km south of Perth’s bustling CBD, Wildflower emerges as Stockland’s vibrant and newest community, strategically poised in close proximity to an array of retail amenities including an early learning centre.

Within a 4.5km radius, Wildflower finds itself enveloped by three established shopping centres, and an additional proposed Piara Waters shopping centre, just 4.1km away. This location will allow residents of Wildflower access to a diverse blend of culinary delights, fashion, lifestyle, and essential services.

Families of Wildflower will be catered for with a proposed early learning centre within the community. The early learning centre will accommodate up to 69 children which will serve the needs of the emerging Piara Waters community. The play areas of the daycare have been designed to create a natural environment that allows children to experience nature. It will also provide a space that allows for many outdoor learning opportunities.

The local native trees provide screening and natural shade for the future and will help soften the overall development. Shade sails and structures within the childcare play areas total around 60% shading with tree canopy coverage approximately 10%.

The early learning centre design reflects the local residential environment with its gabled roof and domestic scale which will help the centre to settle into its suburban context. The play spaces are located on the west and east sides to open to the outdoor playing areas.   

Wildflower Early Learning Centre  side view concept render

In terms of sustainability principles, Wildflower embraced several sustainability measures to reduce energy consumption and harness renewable energy sources. Shading and passive cooling techniques were employed, such as smaller windows on the north elevation with window boxes. Verandahs on the western and eastern sides of the building were also employed. These verandahs, coupled with vertical timber screening, provide shading to the internal play areas, reducing the need for artificial cooling.

Additionally, the proposed installation of solar panels on the north-facing roof of the childcare centre highlights a commitment to renewable energy. By utilising solar power, the centre aims to generate clean electricity and reduce its reliance on conventional energy sources.

Furthermore, the design of the Wildflower early learning centre prioritises natural lighting, aiming to maximise the use of sunlight. Ample windows have been strategically placed to take advantage of the sun’s path to reduce dependence on artificial lighting during daylight hours. This design choice not only minimises energy consumption but also creates a bright and inviting environment for the children.

Client: Stockland

Location: Piara Waters

Stage: DA approved

i2C Architects

i2C Architects