i2C team up with Whitelion on Wheelly Good Coffee

i2C team up with Whitelion who are a charity that help under privileged youths in a wide range of ways. One of these avenues is to set up coffee barista training centres that take youths and get them training to become baristas. It works to help get youths off the street and at the same time get them a skill to work with in life.

i2C were approached by Property Industry Foundation and their Project Management partners Montlaur Project Services to put a concept together to transform the lobby of the Whitelion Foundation into a space for their Wheelly Good Coffee Program. The aim was to convert the unused reception area into a fully functioning barista training facility that will train many young people into qualified barista’s.

i2C team up with Whitelion on Wheely Good Cafe

The design concept was to incorporate colours, and funky forms to make the area a place that people would want to not only visit but also enjoy working in. The layout of the space provided a few challenges, however collaborating with the PM’s, clients, consultants and builders resulted in a solution that met the brief and all parties are happy with.

i2C are very proud to be part of this project.

Team: Shaun Daly